Rick Ellas
Dividends & Income
Looking for a low-risk place for your $ ?

We have a fund that is currently paying a strong monthly dividend.

If you want to learn more or are interested in investing, please contact me via email at rickellas@ellasfinancial.com or phone 613-592-0396.

How I can help
How can I help you?

          Insurance plans 
                -  protection if you are injured, become disabled, or
                   you are ill for an extended time
                -  have the money to keep your lifestyle and to seek excellent health care
                -  protect your family

                -  earn higher returns on your money, tax-free

        Planning for Retirement                     
                -  Investments, pay out dividends or re-invest

        Health benefits
                -  group insurance plans
                -  claim your expenses and save taxes 


                                         Contact me via email:  rickellas@ellasfinancial.com
                                                        or phone:   613-592-0396

Professional Money Management has Many Meanings
  • It is not only what you make - it is what you keep that counts.
  • We work with busy Professionals to save tax and make a reasonable return.
  • Small business is an area we specialize in.
  • We consult on Health Benefits and the smart use of capital.

Small Business Owners
No one understands your business like you do.  No one works as hard at it as you will.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the demands of keeping on top of everything.

We work with you
  • to help save taxes
  • to protect your earning potential
  • to help keep employees
Like each aspect of our lives, there are lots of money decisions.

Are you protecting your quality of life?  Disability insurance and Critical Illness coverage are very important when ...

Critical Illness Coverage
    If you had a heart attack, a stroke, or were diagnosed with cancer today, how much $$$ would you want in your bank account?  I know I would want LOTS!

I carry $200,000 of coverage.  Why?

Because if I have one of these top three illnesses or 21 others, I want to be able to buy care if I need to or have money to ease the stress of the recovery period. Note:  in recent years MS has become a big concern for women.

At age 75, if I have not had a claim, I get all my p...

Health & Dental Insurance for Canadians
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